Thursday, April 13, 2017

THE SECRET KEEPERS, by Trenton Lee Stewart

The story: When Reuben discovers an antique watch, he soon realizes there's far more to it than meets the eye--in fact, it's what DOESN'T meet the eye that's most astounding. Its owner can use it to become invisible. Even more amazing...and that the watch has a twin, and if someone can get hold of both, they may be able to use them to live forever. Of course, The Smoke--the evil boss who runs Reuben's hometown--happens to have the other one, and with eyes in every corner of town, it's just a matter of time until he tracks Reuben down. How can Reuben beat The Smoke and rescue himself and his mom from their own dire reality?

June Cleaver's ratings:
Language G; Violence PG; Sexual content G; Nudity G; Substance abuse G; Magic & the occult PG; GLBT content G; adult themes (corrupt political machines) PG; overall rating PG.

Liz's comments: Stewart is a great storyteller, but he's never in a hurry. I do wonder if the 5-6th graders who are the target audience for this book (Reuben is 12) are going to wade through its nearly 500 pages to get to the end.

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